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Jansen Associates PhilosophyJansen Associates is developing and implementing state of the art building systems to minimize the resources consumed both during the construction as well as during the operating life of the home.  As a green builder, we look to the overall energy and resource consumption of the project on a complete life cycle basis. 

Our intention is to move ever closer to the objective of designing and building homes that can operate on the resources they receive every day from nature, including rain, wind and sunlight.

We have already implemented many systems on our homes that bring us ever closer to this objective including 100% recycling of  rain water that falls on the project, 100% recycling of all water that flows through the home, maximum thermal performance of the home to minimize fuels used for heating and cooling, passive solar designs, rapid return of water to the aquifers, energy efficient lighting schemes, recycling of waste materials during construction, and electronic monitoring and control of heating, cooling and lighting systems.

We are in the planning stages for homes that utilize seasonal geothermal storage of solar energy, Life Breath systems to minimize environmental sensitivities inside the home, use of captured rain water for domestic uses, provide cooling system that do not require standard air conditioning systems, and other innovative systems to create houses of the future, consuming less and offering more to you the consumer.

We are involved with the build green programs of the National Home Builders Association as well as the LEED for homes program to build the best and most environmentally friendly homes in our community.

In our relationship with our Clients we strive always to be partners in the process with you, providing you with the information you need to make decisions about your home and giving guidance to avoid the many pitfalls that await the homebuilders.  We offer a course for homebuilders titled “Know what your Builder Knows:  A Home Owners Survival Guide to building a home”.  This course if offered free to our clients and we strongly encourage taking the course prior to the start of your project.

Most of all we want you to know that we are more interested in building community and lasting friendships than we are in building houses.  Anyone can build a house, but it takes intention to build a home that will serve you and your family as well as the many generations of families that will follow you in this home.
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